Hats Off? No Chance
Size Matters(Really!)
Wear It Well
Dress It Up
Skin Deep




Your jewellery will be subject to three variables:
Your taste
Your budget and
The style of your dress

The first one can’t be helped; tastes can vary from Doris Day Sweet to Joan Collins Glamour. Budgets, that dreaded restriction, will mean the difference between Cartier and costume. However, it is ultimately the style of the wedding gown that will determine the accessorising jewellery. If your dress is simple and pure then you have the option of “glamming” it up with large gems, or even a choker style in diamante, or remain with the theme with such items as the “ghost necklace” – a stone hung from an invisible thread, or the classic simple strand of pearls, or the docile beauty of the gold pendant.

If, however, your gown is intricate and detailed, the only option is simple; otherwise you run the risk of looking overdone. The trick is to make it look and seem effortless. Trust your instinct – and that of your mothers’!

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Hats Off? No Chance

There’s nothing quite like a hat to add that essential finishing touch to the glamour of the wedding outfit.

But what happens to your hair when the hats come off? Well to avoid that horrible flat mop, characteristic if Post Hat Wear (PHW), there are a few preventatives to take note of.

Firstly, make sure your hair is at its optimum level of health, no grey hairs, no uneven strands and definitely no split ends. If your hair is replenished it will definitely be less prone to “flopping”.

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Size Matters (Really!)

When choosing your hat it is crucial that you concentrate on the size. This is one area that cannot be compromised on, no matter how perfect the colour or shape. If you ignore this rule, you have no one to blame but yourself for that unsightly indent gracing your head of hair.

Finally, bring a can of hairspray on the day and a hairbrush. As soon as the hat comes off spray a little and then comb through.

Wear It Well

If there is one thing you should take from this piece, it’s this: Listen to your own instincts and if you’re void of such a gift, borrow someone else’s.

The outfit you choose should ultimately make you feel glorious, svelte, chic and very, very worthy. Here are a few tips to guarantee an ensemble that is simply divine.

No matter what your size or height we all have certain fashion restrictions to adhere to.

If you have a voluptuous figure, it is crucial that the fabric is non-clingy, lightly skimming your curves rather than “grabbing” onto them.

Of course we all know to steer clear of those dreaded horizontal stripes.

Petite women, as well as larger figured women, should avoid breaking the silhouette of their figures with dramatically different fabrics or colours. This does not render you doomed to life in monochrome, just keep in mind that similar shades do elongate and slim the figure.

If you’re stepping out in a smart trouser suit, do –
Opt for a ¾ length if you are tall.
Wear a well-fitted short jacket or “box” jacket if you are petite.
Ensure your suit is well cut, particularly over the shoulders of the jacket and the rear of your trousers no matter what your height or size. You cannot afford to make a mistake here.

Dress It Up

A dress is perfect for a wedding, particularly a summer wedding. Teemed up with a smart jacket of this season’s ultra feminine cardie, you really can’t go wrong, that is, if you take heed of my advice.

For the more petite of us there are certain lengths you can wear with ease, and others you should avoid at all costs. In the former category, strut your style in chic minis or ooze sophistication in the classy longer style. The very fashionable “on the knee” length will also deem you very a la mode.

However, a dress or skirt that is calf length and you only have yourself to blame – you have been warned!

If you are tall, count yourself one of the lucky ones. Most things go, mini, maxi, mid length, it is totally dependent on your taste, just make sure your taste is up to scratch.

And finally, whatever you wear, wear it well. There really is nothing like a touch of confidence to set off an outfit.

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Skin Deep

We’ve all heard the tales of the beautiful bride, all dewy skinned and healthy blushing cheeks. Well now it’s your turn to show off the skin you’ve always wanted.

Visit a beauty therapist (make sure they come highly recommended). A specialist in their field, they will be able to consult you and organise a skin treatment routine over the weeks up to your wedding. Also while you’re there invest in a steam facial, and really experience the change.

If this sounds like too much expense and trouble then follow these handy tips for great looking skin.

First of all, make sure the skin products you purchase are suitable to your skin type.

Second, train yourself into a routine of removing all make up in the evening. Resist the temptation to leave it on until the morning.

Invest in a good facial scrub and mask. Use these once per week on alternate days. Essentially, these remove the dead skin from your face, and thus the grey hue that is characteristic of neglected skin is removed to reveal skin that is replenished, glowing and supple.

Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise, what more can I say? The benefits of moisturisation cannot be understated. It rejuvenates and invigorates, leaving skin that is so smooth you can’t help but to touch it.

That brings us to our next point. Do try and keep your hands by your sides. If you insist on touching your face, you’ve only got yourself to blame for the transferring of all those germs!

And finally, don’t forget the H20, AKA water. It is recommended that you drink 5 pints per day.

Take heed of this advice and believe me, you’ll be laughing!

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