No matter what arguments may arise regarding the big day, there is one thing you won’t be arguing about – the importance of your wedding album.

Gone are those rather stern, hollow photographs with the fixed smiles and straight faces, and in their place is the welcome arrival of choice. Irrespective of taste, or lack of, idiosyncrasy, or fantasy (within reason), the photographer is at your bidding to create an album that is in direct accordance with your wants.

We recommend that you ask the Photographer to show you photos and contact details of their most recent weddings.
By ensuring that you are dealing with a Professional Wedding Photographer, you are giving yourself the peace of mind and added security of a professional service provided by a qualified photographer.

So the day of your dreams has arrived and just as quickly it is gone, but not to worry. At least you have the wedding album to “ooh” and “ahh” over, to remember the look your husband had, when you were walking down the aisle, or what about that picture of the pageboy yawning? Or your mum’s skirt swirling precariously high as your father swung her around the dance floor? You do have all of these images captured on film, don’t you? To avoid that sinking feeling if the answer is negative, follow our guide to unearth the photographer who will be all things to all people, well the bride and groom at least.


La Belle Epoque – Photography

Oui, it certainly is a beautiful era, particularly since the early 70’s bore witness to a true revolution in photography. The rejuvenated art welcomed a much more relaxed and therefore representational image of subjects. But where the “models” have laid back the photographers have done exactly the opposite. More highly trained than ever, the true professional can provide an album for you that will tell a thousand anecdotes, and then some. With stunning colour and unusual angles, you can count on a wedding album that you’ll be proud to pass down the generations.

Work First, Play Later
But wait a minute, before you get all relaxed there is work to be done. True, there are plenty of photographers out there, but not all of them will be right for you. So before you go off on the hunt bear in mind the following :

Your Style
–If you don’t know what you want, please don’t assume the photographer will. Just because he/she can look into a lense does not provide a license into your mind. Help them out a little. The style will also be determined by the theme of the wedding. The photos will reflect this theme. For example, an informal affair with only close family and friends will be complimented by fairly informal photographs – natural, genuine and full of life, and so on. Most couples, however usually opt for a mixture of the classic and the candid. The most important thing is to find a photographer who can create the perfect album.

The Colour of Love

– Another element to consider: colour, black & white, or a blend of the two? Before you decide consult the expert to decipher which is best for you. Also, make sure you consider all eventualities- rain (quite likely) or an unexpected hitch. If there is a scenic area you quite fancy as a location, check in advance that there are no restrictions or rules for this sort of thing.

Some Points To Keep In Mind
See previous work completed by the photographer. Talk to people who have used him/her before.
Is the photographer professionally trained and in what areas of photography?
Are they award winning? Are they entered in any of this year’s photographic awards?
Trust those instincts! Has the photographer talked about plans to manage any unexpected happenings? Ask him/her if they are covered with professional indemnity insurance.

Now that all these doubts have been assuaged, all you have to remember to do is:
say Cheese!